Prospective Graduate Students

I always have openings for talented students to join my research program; however, understand that I receive hundreds of requests each year and it is not possible for me to respond to each.

You are welcome to apply for admission and use my name as a potential supervisor, but note that there is no guarantee for admission. Please also note that we do not pre-assess qualifications. You should be familiar with the minimal requirements our program has. Meeting the minimal requirements does not ensure admission.

I require all applicants to apply for the NSGS award in order to be considered. I do not have any particular project in mind for you at this stage, so please think about something you’re passionate about and that you think would be a good project. In the end, if you win the award, you are not required to do the project that you outline; we can change the project later.

You will need to:

  1. Write 1 page
  2. Have references
  3. Have an intro with a small literature review
  4. Explain what you will do
  5. Explain the end result and also explain why it is good for Canadians and/or Nova Scotians

If you reach out to me, please indicate your ideas for your NSGS application in the email. If you do not, your email will be ignored.

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